WCF Select Testimonials

See what others who have selected us think of our foods.

"I switched to your Lakeland Heritage Senior products about 4 months ago for my Elderly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Solo. We are both very happy with your product. Solo is looking so well and behaving like a younger dog."

"I have used this food for three of my dogs after having trouble finding something that really suited them not only is the high meat content brilliant it's half the price of most of the more expensive brands and now my new puppy is on it as well"

"Buddy was advised to go onto WCF Super Premium Puppy due to a itchy and flaky skin condition. He is now onto his 3rd bag and his skin condition and coat has greatly improved, with no more itchy dandruff! WCF Super Premium is highly recommended by Buddy and his owner Liz Gitlens"

Perfect for keeping him happy and healthy
"Blue has always had difficulty with his joints and legs. He always wondered if there was a food that could help him feel less achey and give him more energy. His best friend Arnold had a chat with him and recommended he try WCF's Super Premium chicken and rice. After tasting a few delicious bites he was convinced! His humans were happy too as the ingredients helped to encourage strong joints and lean muscle development. Perfect for keeping him happy and healthy. Thanks WCF Select!"

The website is really handy!
"We’ve recently switched our cats to WCF Selects cat food and they both seem to love it - they especially like the salmon one! As I live up in Scotland, we don’t have a WCF store nearby, so the website is really handy!  Big thumbs/paws up from Ninja and Maui!  "

She loves her mealtime and looks fantastic with bundles of energy.
"My cocker spaniel Rosie has been on WCF Super Premium since she was a puppy, she loves her mealtime and looks fantastic with bundles of energy for walks every day!"

Bruno loves all the varieties of WCFSelect’s Lakeland Heritage.
"Bruno loves all the varieties of WCFSelect’s Lakeland Heritage, before switching him over his poos were loose and he often had itchy skin. Now we feed Lakeland Heritage his poos are much firmer and his itchy skin has completely stopped, as well as this his coat is super shiny! Bruno loves his mealtimes too which is good to see as his mam, so much so he even dances for his dinner!"

They loved all of the varieties
"We first tried Lakeland Heritage from WCF whilst on holiday at the Lake District, our two dogs both loved it. After running out, we put them on other foods which they did not seem to like as much as we tried a few varieties. The next time we visited we stocked up on quite a few bags of the different varieties, they loved all of them. We are really pleased that we can now order these products direct from WCFSelect for our two dogs online as we cannot get this food where we live. Thank you, to everyone at WCFSelect for getting this online store up and running and for your excellent customer service."

The change in her was instant
"I am a very happy customer, my Whippet Cross was pooing excessively with very loose stools, and also on top of this she had a scratchy & flaky coat and skin. After looking at WCFSelect’s Lakeland Heritage Grain free range I decided to have a go with it. Honestly the change in her was instant, she poos less and they are much healthier and firmer, also it has made her coat shine and has solved her flaky skin issue, after trying so many different brands the Lakeland Heritage Grain free for WCFSelect is the only food to have made such a difference to my girl."

Back fit and happy as ever
"Tasker the 8 year old border terrier started to loose weight rapidly and started drinking excessively, her vets wanted her to come back for blood tests because they couldn’t figure out what was making her this way! Moya changed her feed to WCF super premium senior/light within 2 weeks of changing her feed she is back fit and happy as ever, the vets don’t need to blood tests anymore because of her improvement over the 2 weeks time!"

Not had a complaint or an upturned nose from either of them since
Not had a complaint or an upturned nose from either of them since
"Cookie and Pumpkin are two sisters that used to be fed the standard grocery brands, until eventually started turning their noses up at it. Then we switched to WCFselect Super Premium Cat food and have not had a complaint or an upturned nose from either of them since. Both cats’ coats are now very shiny and smooth and they are puurfectly happy and healthy with Super premium on offer every meal time."