Our Best-Selling Food

At WCF Select we offer a range of Lakeland Heritage dog food, Super Premium dog food and high protein cat food. Our product range has been formulated to offer you high quality ingredients combined with a selection of great tasting flavours, which we’re sure your dogs and cats will love.

Lakeland Heritage Dog Food 

Our Lakeland Heritage Grain Free dog food is specially formulated to offer your dog a tasty and nutritious meal. Our product range doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients and is made right here in the UK. The added sweet potato is a healthy alternative to grains and with high levels of protein, and only fruit, vegetables and minerals added, it is one of the most natural and complete feeds out there for your canine companion. We offer a wide variety of flavours and, also have products specifically tailored towards senior dogs and puppies.  Click here to shop the full range of Lakeland Heritage Grain Free Dog Food.

Super Premium Dog Food

Formulated with experts, our Super Premium dog food range is veterinary approved and hypoallergenic. Made with only selected premium ingredients, this range is free from wheat, wheat-gluten dairy and soya making it great for dogs with digestion or skin concerns. Click here to shop the full range of premium dog food.

Cat Food

Our range of premium cat food has been formulated to provide your cat with a high protein, healthy diet, made right here in the UK. Our products offer hypoallergenic formulas and Omega 3 & 6, to help maintain a healthy skin and coat. Bursting with flavour, there is a choice of Poultry and Fish available to suit your cat’s taste buds. We also have a feed dedicated for your growing kittens.  Click here to shop the full range.

Our dog and cat food